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in 80s, New York is one of the most common people the vital industries, most of the black workers need to wear durable and comfortable clothing and shoes, in such circumstances, leather and cloth tannins is their best choice. As a result, DADA SUPREME introduced PARKER to restore the stamina and stamina of the movers, and spread American life, culture and attitudes. PARKER sole uses DADA brand-new and all kinds of wear-resisting material, with unique wear-resistant particles mixed with special rubber, plus heel cup design, not only reduce the weight of shoes, but also greatly enhance the wear resistance and comfort. The vamp is joined with special splash fabric and suede like material, and retro retro jogging shoes are presented in a new and special manner. all on sale site: DADA leeco 2F (0 cheap foamposites 2) 2791-1433 DADA Mitsukoshi (02) 2371-5535 Kaohsiung more than 3 customer service Tel: 02- 2358-3309PUMA this time choose black Friday for the design and selection of the theme's R698 and Blaze of Glory two pairs of classic shoes as the series protagonist, simply echoed the theme color, both with black lines show the matte leather shoe body streamline appearance, also equipped with exclusive Trinomic cushioning system lifting wears the comfort of the 'Black Friday' limited series is expected in November 27th to PUMA designated stores. source: Freshness Mag from the details, it is not difficult to find that the shoes were inspired by the Kobe Bryant for adidas endorsement of shoes Adidas Kobe 8, some part is like classic tribute, but also a heritage. The basketball shoes converted to the li cheap jordans for sale mens fe of leisure shoes and adding many popular elements, front and heel straps brought a little taste of hiking boots. Currently, there are three colors to choose from. source: nicekicks's success has never been a fluke. In the face of every strong opponent's challenge, Stephen Curry always tries his best to win for his teammates, fans and himself. Although the reality is not always as we wish, this is the distance only won the Championship win away, as his basketball career he pitched constantly, but he will continue to uphold the spirit of perseverance, the failure of regret into excitation power, the new season will regain lost the championship trophy. UNDER ARMOUR Curry 2.5 signature shoes inspired by the overall design of the Jinzhou warriors near the home of the famous landmark - Bay Brid Retro jordans for sale ge, many details are integrated into Curry's skills and beliefs. The new color "Dub Nation Royal" uses classic warrior blue to salute the league's most loyal Bay fans, thanks to their enthusiasm at high and low levels. "Dub Nation Royal" is dedicated to the bay area for the loyal fans of the team, always never abandon diehard as a whole; color using the classic blue warrior, upper fringe inspired by connecting San Francisco and Oakland Bay Bridge, and the bridge on the totem badge echoes. Behind the heels of many small dots, it is the Arena (Oracle) GPS coordinates, put on 'Dub Nation Royal', just like fighting with the warriors. This color in Taiwan synchronized launch big children's shoes size, so that small warrior fans can follow Curry's footsteps, Mercedes Benz on the pitch. Curry2.5 cheap jordans online with uppers of diamond shape, explains Curry's attack ability is like a sharp sword warriors Mao, ever-victorious; while the five vertices of diamond, symbolize his teammates series, both offensive and defensive five concentric, solidarity. Curry in the shoe medial marked "I Can Do All Things motto", is to remind Curry to do his best on the pitch for his teammates, the fans and the bay area will fight back to Jinzhou again, the highest honor. The Curry 2.5 series with support and tailored like fit, shoes outside with Baselayer light and breathable fabric for the bottom, the outer covering of hard PU material, strength and durability to the players to support stable; in the end the use of Charged Cushioning energy in the bottom, can effectively absorb the impact of landing on both feet, transfo Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping rmed for energy feedback, make the first step to start to change and are full of explosive force; and herringbone outsole patterns can provide more grip and help the player on the pitch freely, grasp every step, and play well. UNDER ARMOUR Curry 2.5 design features firm and fit feet: the outside of the shoe is made of Baselayer light breathable fabric, and the outer layer is covered with hard PU1987 in March 26th is not only belongs to the Air Max 1 on the birthday of more influence the development and innovation of countless pairs of shoes on. This year marks the 30th anniversary anniversary activities, engraved brand also launched last year in Air Max voted to let the classics shoes regression, the favorite Air Max series of clients, old and new were able to have a new experience, which wo Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping n the best Popularity Award atmos x Nike Air Max 1 "Elephant" in the recent news release for sale, brand with the famous Japanese shoes shop atmos cooperation this pair of shoes is joint body with symbolic pattern and collocation Green Lake burst to create decorative details, so bold collocation also really lay its historical position, the United States is expected this year in the Air Max area Day (3/26) for sale, Taiwan is not yet at present have relevant sale information. source: Sneaker News / Nike2017 William Jones Cup International Basketball Tournament men's team event to open in July 15th, for the moment Taiwan international tournament, NIKE to the top of the full support of the Chinese basketball equipment team players, through the design of the new CHINESE TAIPEI logo symbolizes th cheap jordan shoes for men e national team fighting blood beliefs, and the simultaneous launch of new color CHINESE TAIPEI series fans support the new color of the product, including support Tee and sports towel, let the fans to watch the show at the same time, the Chinese team's enthusiastic support. of the Chinese team players wearing the symbol of faith CHINESE TAIPEI the blood fighting team shirt, and equipped with Nike REACT technology innovation shoes, bring excellent cushioning and support force for the athletes, the Chinese team to help develop their potential in the field, for the country glory fight. NIKE CHINESE TAIPEI series fans support NIKE launched the new color of the CHINESE TAIPEI TEE and support the Chinese team sports towel Taiwan fans, for the first time launched a series of children, let the fan cheap jordans for sale s of all ages can be put on the clothing as a symbol of faith to the Taipei team, the Chinese team on home court! At the same time, NIKE also held during the event to "challenge the belief to my fans" campaign, inviting fans to complete the creative team, "back the faith after" series of posts, you can get a successful challenge NIKE Chinese team limited honor token, "together with the team to show this to my" fight attitude! For more information, please pay attention to Nike Basketball Taiwan FACEBOOK. CHINESE TAIPEI fans all series of product informationSupport TEE ? Store: NIKE JORDAN at Murmansk flower store experience and the peace of Taipei Basketball Basketball Hall - NIKE men's Jones Cup Limited shop (July 15-23, address: Taipei City, South Street, Lane 76, No. 28). Nike Kyrie 2 has r Retro jordans for sale eleased many color choices, people can see at a glance, and the Cavaliers in the second round of three points under the rain is very hot, Kyrie Irving played a key role in some of their absolute. In the upcoming round of the next round, Nike is also ready to launch the previously open Kyrie 2 'Crossover' to accompany the next challenge. This color inspiration from Irving gorgeous dribbling skills, the devil felt deep red stripes look you will find a concentric circle pattern is on the line, like the dazzling defender of the warning signs, plus a heel black and white color spell the word "Kyrie", as if to tell his opponents don't act rashly. This color match Taiwan is expected to be listed on 5/14 (six), priced at NT$3800 yuan. source: Nike a few days ago, G-DRAGON posted a photo of Max in Va Cheap air jordans for sale por on its own Instgram, that recently there must be a new trend of he and Nike and planning, and in the earlier, Nike has announced this gathering celebrities celebrate the Nike 2017 Air Max Day Vapor, in the image of Max photo shoot. , Guess, what? ? G-DRAGON (@xxxibgdrgn) share paste text posted on 3, 14, 4:55, PDT PM, 2017 along with the March 26th Air Max Day days approaching step by step, recently, Nike one is amazing activities and projects have never stopped, we must also look very happy. This Nike to find a popular celebrity football star: such as G-Dragon, Neymar, MO, Rose tattoo model Ruby, English Gardner, Chris Lee... Others, and Nike, Air, Max, Vapor, Max, LOOKBOOK of the inter era performance, together into the mirror shooting. In "WEAR YOUR AIRS" and "KISS MY AIRS" a few strong signs that to reflect the Air Max Day in the year to show the new weather, the image according to the products are dynamic vitality and new characteristics and famous people with the most accurate delivery.the shoes with a classic AIR pattern burst crack JORDAN series to fill the uppers, the overall effect is very eye-catching but not exaggerated. After the zipper is opened, the orange - red inner boots are exposed, and the collocation is particularly striking.Recently, PUMA oriental culture of "yin and yang" as inspiration, the new release of Blaze of Glory do not note series. The entire series includes a total of black and white color, textured leather upper with breathable mesh and crafted, and finally equipped with signature Trinomic cushioning soles to complete. Reportedly, the series will be landing on September 26 Hanon and other select retailers, each priced at 85 pounds (about $ 130), and interested friends may wish to consider buying.--- RBK DJ-ST / ART debut limited edition shoes Reebok launched the world's first double DJ designed specifically for special shoes BRK-DJ in 2005, the unique design, exclusive concept, stylish appearance, making it a double BRK-DJ shoes by young music lovers consistent pursuit. On this basis, the world's leading sports brand Reebok Reebok, in January 2006 launched a grand BRK-DJ shoes limited edition --- RBK DJ-ST / ART. RBK DJ-ST / ART is the second street Reebok Reebok and Hong Kong graffiti hardcore group ST / ART successful launch of the DJ shoes together again after the successful interpretation of street culture and intercultural DJ combination. So, in addition to inheriting BRK-DJ shoe design philosophy has always been outside this limited-edition shoes is on the appearance of the flower foot mind, have gorgeous than any previous pair of DJ Shoes: Leather shoes so that the entire surface is soft, supportive good and cozy, ST / ART of graffiti writing makes the original blank shoes even more dazzling fashion; plus take inspiration from the DJ headset, black bakelite special equipment DJ player, etc., RBK DJ-ST / ART even from details of the site of view, it certainly is a worthy collection of boutique. It is reported that in 2006 Reebok Reebok will be launched in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and several major cities over the same period a total of 225 pairs of RBK DJ-ST / ART, expected to sell for 600 yuan.