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News official news / HTM hit, Teng Yuan Hao design new works: NIKE AIR MAX LD ZERO H By GPIE Last updated Apr 28adidas UltraBOOST series has been developed to the 3 version, subtle changes in each generation in a certain extent, can be regarded as the history of the evolution of the brand, mainly is provided to the wearer more diverse choice and experience, in order to cope with the recent upcoming American Super Cup, in addition to bringing new silver Adidas Boost, another highlight is the launch of the 'Cleats' version, will be used for American Football Cleats bottom complete transfer to the UltraBOOST body, practical performance is greatly improved, dressed in a silver coat adds a lot of fashion sense function, the United States is expected in February 5th Adidas on the official website of Online sale, and this year the fifty-first session of the Super Bowl will also be in the same time in Houston, NRG held a grand stadium. source: Sole Collector / adidasNike to Black Mamba Pack and Kobe Bryant to say goodbye to NBA occupation career, and he and basketball bit memories condensed into this sets of shoes, a city of a shoe, shoes to lead the fans to explore belong to the black mamba basketball world. At cheap jordans for sale the age of 14 with parents from Italy move back to the United States, located in the Philadelphia suburb of Lower Kobe attended Merion high school, the students in the hard-edged arena after graduation he gone directly into NBA to draft, after joining Nike as the first pair of signature shoes, Nike Zoom Kobe I to express his legend of the road starting point. , Lower, Merion, HS, Philadelphia., Superstar, potential. A, photo, posted, by, Nike, Basketball (@nikebasketball), on, Mar 21, 2016, at, 11:09am, PDT Nike Zoom Kobe I 'Fade To Black' in Taiwan on March 24th in Murmansk meal florist flower market, pricing models: 869451-110, NT$4950. For sale information, please refer to the message posted on the facebook fan page, the actual selling method, mechanism and location, subject to the announcement of the store owner. Momentum at Murmansk source: Nike Basketball / Sole Collector into the streets with the classic Adidas Originals Stan Smith tennis shoes, the premise of brand in the concise style, material or design to make adjustments, such as Boost, Primeknit bottom shoe and Stan Smith Leather Sock innovation is to change the past only to set the upper suture, complete with a piece of leather shoes. The cheap jordan shoes for men original 7 hole eyelet minus a hole in a triangular suture generation, in order to start the tongue is fixed with the discount, the details can be found, in addition to inject new ideas of classic shoes, do not forget the shoes when the outward deformation of the twists and turns of leather, brand design experience a cycle without dew left. adidas Stan Smith Leather Sock has two new colors introduced, matte skin material reconcile, all white and iron gray two-color, priced at $130, can be purchased in Adidas official website abroad. source: KITH / adidasNike Kobe XI 'Draft Day' Taiwan Area officially released on April 28th, priced at NT$4950 yuan, model: 836184-154. We are responsible for arranging the distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. Momentum million Yue Wann Yueh source: EU KicksNow basketball shoes have to jump past many color frame, pink basketball shoes from avant-garde to become synonymous with the stadium can be seen everywhere in the boots, even 2 meters tall man wearing a pair of pink at the foot of the basketball shoes are coordinated, so the body qu Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping alities of small emperor LeBron James endorsement of the series appeared pink color will be not at all surprising. The Zoom LeBron Soldier VI and Taiwan recently launched Hyperdunk, is Kay Yow anti breast cancer foundation style, not only the color is quite eye-catching, the upper material made shoes emit metallic luster and easily caught around the eyes. is not only a special appearance, Zoom LeBron Soldier VI by Zoom air fuse and added with suspension, upper of Velcro tape, can function quite complete, and small sets of friends from abroad before starting the version (normal foreign listed), can feel very light and very well ventilated, complete the performance and comfortable wearing feeling, people can not help but look forward to wearing combat sense can not meet the expected, but Taiwan prospecting shoe should start to wait, including the American team, Zoom LeBron Soldier color VI Taiwan to wait until the fourth quarter will be listed, and the pink version of this article will be listed in uncertainty your shoe, prospecting are interested please lock the latest news we provide. Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman's life to try a different material for uppers, just to give players a light and coated with Retro jordans for sale experience, so the spirit also affect subsequent designers, Nike Mayfly is based on the idea of Bowerman and positioning in the pursuit of lightweight and durable performance, from its inception in 2003, and used shoes many kinds of shoe materials, the original DuPont Tyvek? Fabric, suede woven nylon modified Ripstop material, and the added elements of leather, add a lot of texture, the use of the body of the shoe embroidered on the Swoosh logo, waxing shoes, let a pair of running shoes also has the street atmosphere. Nike Mayfly Leather Premium has been purchased at NSW stores abroad, priced at 120 euros, model 816548-003. In addition to the black section, there is also a gray tone matching. source: Sneaker Politics / 43einhalb despite the heat in the summer, the heat and sweat still can't help the runners enjoying the thrill of running. New Balance lightweight race running shoes M/W1500 series launched new shoes, blue, gray and speed of the full sense of lightning orange two colors as a spindle design of the overall eye-catching appearance. New Balance M/W1500 shoe technology deepening shoes function, using FantomFit seamless lightweight breathable minimalist uppers, enhance the fit and strengthen sup Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping port, provide professional runners and excellent sense of comfort and protection of foot; in the end is equipped with New Balance patented RevLite ultra lightweight shockproof material, effectively reduce the burden on the foot bottom inside; the arch of the use of high density material, collocation outsole TBeam midfoot support stability, reduce excessive pronation, enhancing the stability of running; the use of glue bottom sole particles make more outstanding grip nail! is also a new choice for runners in the summer, morning and night training! The runners are in addition to strengthen the night running, track and field running group training, the training time is early morning wake up and running.& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] earnings growth for five consecutive years, Adidas is now the "Road to 2015 Road," the final stage. High Skyline director of Adidas Group, general manager of Greater China, told Beijing Daily reporter said that four years ago, the brand's commitment to strategic investment, reconstruction of retail, store expansion plans can make a hook. However, this does not mean that Adidas will begin in China's smooth sailing, stand up from the trough of t cheap jordans for sale mens he success of Adidas hopes to revive its influence in the sports field. expand the future of cities Save inventory and other closed shop different brands, in this round of industry downturn, the Adidas remains a not low speed shop. "Since we are & quot; road to 2015 of & quot; strategy undertaken since Adidas in China added as much as 2,000 stores, mostly in lower-tier cities." To the four-tier cities and even county-level cities and other lower line The city is a way to expand the brand all resistance movement slow growth, but high Skyline prefer these cities called the "city of the future." "If called small cities or non-tier cities, there are some negative sense, so we called the city of the future." According to its disclosure, Adidas in 2014 in the newly opened store situated next to the city's shops accounted for 50%. Compared with the previous second-tier cities in a shop, the shop in the city of the future need to be more cautious, which is "the road leading to the 2015" strategy in 15 modules one aspect, retail expansion module. Skyline High said that before any one place to shop, including franchise stores open before we will do a very rigorous investigation, then we will make an assessmen cheap jordans online t, that sales per square meter can achieve much. For Adidas, the majority of the future layout of the city through the dealers to achieve, so there are 15 modules in three auto capacity for growth module. High Skyline presentation, "Now we can get from 80% of store sales data the day, including gender and product and consumer price they choose. About 5% -20% of the major distributors of orders by our procurement, packaging send to the warehouse. " segmentation of retail outlets In the "Road towards 2015" program in the newly opened shop in 2000, there are some different from the traditional store segmentation shop. These are Chinese consumers to create customized consumer experience including the world's most advanced Adidas Brand Center, Women's footwear specialty stores and franchise stores. "At the end of 2014, we have covered 2,279 cities in China more than 1,000 seats in the Chinese market, we now have more than 8,000 stores, shops and many kind of form." Skyline high that in the past In three or four years, Chinese consumers have more choice and self-demand segments, increasing segmentation model stores, so that different store formats can adapt to different consumer tastes and consumer prefer cheap foamposites ences. For example, women's specialty stores mainly for relatively high-end female consumers, 50% of the store portfolio is, and Stella McCartney by adidas and Stella & quot; s sport such relatively high-end brand, which specializes in women's health advocate for regular healthy living consumers. Meanwhile, the shop also subdivided according to their flagship product positioning in different urban sprawl. "Sports performance series is from the front line to five lines and six-tier cities will open, Original sports classic series is part of a second-tier and third-tier cities to open the women's stores mainly in the line as well as higher consumption of second-tier cities to open." High Skyline revealed that from the second half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, these two forms of Homecourt and Neighbourhood of shops are large areas in China. In addition, in the hope China 15-16 largest cities to build the city's flagship store. revive sports status volume terms, broken down more than 80 stores currently only occupy 1% ratio. Skyline subdivision shop for high requirements is that "if there is no such breakdown shop, customers will go to other brands to the consumer, the presence of these stores allow Cheap air jordans for sale them to stay with us, so broken shop on our profits contribution is gradual. " This also means broken shop just let consumers continue to generate interest into the Adidas store, the business performance now or "green." Last year, Adidas Greater China reached 10% growth rate, growth in the fourth quarter reached 11%, which is the fifth consecutive year Adidas growth. High Skyline believes that "in fact, we are using two brands NEO Original and Chinese consumers continue to seize the opportunity to grow and mature." Many industry insiders believe that growth in the adidas performance stems from its entertainment and leisure, rather than its essence as a professional sporting goods. And now, about to reach "Gateway 2015" in the end, from the trough of a successful stand Adidas hopes to revive its influence in the sports field. "By 2015 we will launch a new global project - campaign to promote the project, through this project we hope to continue to build Aspen Das position as a sports brand, Original and women NEO products and outdoor sports products are now growing rapidly in category, but our core business of 70% -80% or sports, including soccer, basketball, and running. " However, this depends on whet Retro jordans for sale her consumers buy high Skyline, said the challenges in the Chinese market is the consumer's change too fast, China geopolitical vast, so very different consumers, there is no way to use the same approach to address consumer demand in different cities, especially in the world's increasingly common when shopping, how to ensure consumer satisfaction with products and services remains a challenge Adidas the next five years. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partner: Danby Merino fast fashion & nbsp; Four Seasons Bear shoes.)from Denmark's Officielle Armoire founded in 2012, the same as the founder and creative director of the brand of Norway designer Aas Kjetil, has a strong professional background and rich experience in many years of design. Design style has long since become a faction of the Kjetil in recent years has been maintained in the field of contemporary design to maintain its own unique Nordic minimalist aesthetic philosophy, focusing on bringing a simple classic design. In more and more attention and recognition of the brand has injected a "do not follow the trend" of the design of the soul. The release of the 2016 summer series lookbook, men's and women's film together, to white, grey, navy blue and khaki as the main theme, bring the basic tee, shirts, shorts, casual sweater and functional parts, such as rich a single product. Although they are just some of the most simple basic based models, but the Nordic minimalist aesthetic interpretation to the more appropriate.All Star special edition in order to meet the upcoming 2014 NBA All-Star will be held in New Orleans Weekend, Adidas Originals this time, specially built this "East vs. West" series to commemorate the table. The series of Adidas Originals's classic Top Ten as the outline to retain retro elements in 1979, with two shades of red and blue leather with suede shoes head shoes, white shoes, shoes on into the barrel and three bar at the side of neutralization, and equipped with sign type white midsole and rubber the outer bottom presents. Priced at $90, this series of shoes will start at Adidas and Originals designated shops sold in February 1st. source: HYPEBEAST also see their joint new color / J.Crew x New Balance 2014 spring 998 color design "Inferno" diet culture transplant / Nike Sportswear 2014 "Crescent City" theme series comments on A: See also they signed a new color / J.Crew x New Balance 2014 in 998 color design "Inferno" a Sportswear / Nike diet culture transplantation 2014 "Crescent City" theme series Scott and Adidas Originals by designer Jeremy Originals Adidas O by brand cooperation series O Jeremy Scott, Adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott continuation JS Wings' Denim 'with winged shoes published in this section to create and release the popular South Korean women's team 2NE1 JS Wings joint wings shoes, all kinds of material and stitching animal striae, and to show the rich colors of shoes features, quite unique. Creative, Recreation men, military wind, climbing boots, Jordan, TE, III, black / red comments on last article: Creative Re〉 from Moscow creative units FACES& LACES, in the past ten years has been shouldering responsibility to promote local street culture, recently team members and Reebok Classic build cooperation projects, as a "best gift" celebration presented 10th anniversary. The cooperation of both sides to choose classic tennis shoes Club C based on the view, and focus on "City Under Construction" theme, draw inspiration from the "Moscow" the city itself, including black leather and suede shoes on behalf of the mysterious Moss of the night; yellow street lights everywhere detail symbol at the same time, FACES& LACES 10th anniversary the theme of the exhibition as part of the sole color; reflective pattern is derived from the asphalt powder. It is reported that these shoes will be on from August 6th to 7th, , FACES&, LACES , 10th Anniversary Theme Exhibition on sale, and then will be landing global designated retailers. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! it's one of the most attractive Hairstyles for girls! can do so much for the team to take part in the marathon? Zhou Bichang? jerseys collocation! Sexy and unassuming you may have overlooked - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Nike Benassi Print Slide black and red flowers Reebok LX8500 retro running shoes Is worth a lot? Buscemi launched the "high price" 150mm gold retro basketball shoes every 2008 Nike, Hyperdunk 2008 back review last article: value for money? Buscemi launched the "high price" 150mm retro basketball shoes a golden dream: Nike 2008, Hyperdunk 2008 back