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& Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] from the May 8 Annual General Meeting Adidas Another day, CEO Herbert Hainer (Herbert Hainer) day a little uncomfortable. Adidas announced yesterday a quarterly report, a quarter of Adidas net profit fell 34 percent to 204 million euros, sales fell 6 percent to 3.53 billion euros. When domestic sports brand are busy eliminating inventory, once international fame sports brand Adidas and Nike also bid farewell to the two giants of the golden period of growth in the past, into trouble cycles. ?? Adidas Dual net sales fell A quarterly show, in addition to t Retro jordans for sale he decline in sales and net profit, gross profit margin also decreased 1 percentage point to 49.1%. Adidas said the company's first quarter results fell short of expectations, mainly because of its TaylorMade golf revenues dropped, moreover, Russia, Argentina and other emerging countries is also an important reason for the exchange rate lower decline in performance, the company expects second-quarter results will be strong, thus boosting the company's return to growth. Earlier Adidas released 2013 financial results, the Group's global sales revenue decreased by 3% during the period to 14.492 billion euros, if calculated accor Retro jordans for sale ding to the exchange rate unchanged circumstances, the Group's sales revenue increased by only 3%. The most promising businesses in Greater China fell from double digits to the number of units, increased by only 7 percent, marking the lowest in nearly three years. In 2012 and 2011, Adidas up to 15% and 23% in revenue growth in China respectively. The reason for the weak growth performance of Adidas, the sports information industry believes that, on the one hand is affected by ZARA, Uniqlo fast fashion brand influence, on the other hand is in the four-tier cities suffered a strong blocking local brands. headache is leaving A cheap jordans online didas performance advantage in the European market, Nike also being eroded. According to survey results released by Euromonitor International, in 2012, Nike's share of the Western European market was 12.4%, accounted for 13.2 percent of Adidas. Nike's total sales in Western Europe half of fiscal year 2014 rose 11% on Adidas in the third quarter fell by 6%. According to Reuters, since the old rivals Adidas and Nike failed to narrow the market share gap, in the forthcoming general meeting of shareholders, investors might refuse to support the management of Adidas. ?? Nike Greater revenue accounted edged 2013 first three q cheap jordans for sale mens uarters, Nike's Greater China business revenue to total revenue ratio was 9.3%, compared to the previous three quarters of last year, a slight decrease of 0.4%. In addition, emerging markets fell 1.1%. However, in the classification of product sales, Greater China footwear and apparel revenues were increased in 2013, the first three quarters of total revenue in Greater China Footwear $ 1.16 billion, more than three quarters of 2012 increased by 070 million dollars, an increase of shoes is $ 033 million. Nike in recent years by a number of challenges in the Chinese market. In international brands, Adidas NEO brand to attract cheap jordans for sale a large number of young low consumer groups, to double stores in China over the past year New Balance will absorb a portion of the audience walked sports fashion style. Nike is clearly more in love do professional sports technology brand, however, Nike's headquarters recently wearable device sector Fuel Band has been slightly layoffs. Insiders analysis, this may be just this giant sports equipment in the field of wearable temporary bottlenecks encountered, Nike is preparing to use the Internet thinking remodeling products, the Chinese market is mainly concentrated in a second-tier cities, once its further expansion four-tier cheap foamposites cities market, the company will bring new growth point. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: shoe & nbsp; clothing and shoes information.)Air Jordan 9 PE Cleats PE 2013-12-08 22:38:20 stars Air Jordan 9 version to enjoy while the first converted into baseball shoes, but this does not affect its popularity in basketball and football field, in this week's NFL game, each Jordan member Brand were wearing their PE version of Air Jordan Retro 9 Cleats Air Jordan 9, visible hot degree. The huge Air Jordan 9 PE Cleats Hakeem Nicks (including the New York Giants), Josh Freeman cheap jordan shoes for men (Tampa), Charles Woodson (Green Bay Packers), Michael Crabtree (San Francisco 49ers), Dwight Freeney (Indian pony and Andre Johnson (Indianapolis) Houston Dezhou).Nike Air Max 1 - Grey / Red information 2013-12-08 22:30:05 sale two days ago we just as we reported in October Nike will bring us a variety of suede upper color of the Air Max 1, but Nike is not to stop the launch of the new color of the pace, today, Nike also announced a new color Nike Air Max 1. This color is very close to the gray red color that was announced in the previous two days. It's just a part of the color that makes a little difference, and the gray part Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping of it is more. But this Nike Air Max 1 doesn't have suede or Fuse uppers, but it keeps a traditional leather mesh and vamp combination, giving more opportunities for nostalgic shoe fans. It is learnt that this Nike Air Max 1 - Grey / Red will also be on sale in October, let us welcome the next Air Max 1 wave bar!NEW BALANCE began to fire up from last year, although this matter has been well known, but it seems that only a few people behind ICON fixed version is relatively prosperous, the other popular models still some weak, like on this full OUTDOOR taste H710 shoes. I do not know what the reasons are, female brand X-girl s Cheap air jordans for sale hoes actually chose this very sense of the outdoors were jointly to women as the most beloved pink shoes color setting, the X-girl classic blue pentacle shoelaces loaded position, the entire pair of shoes became very fun embellishment, and purplish blue and white laces also make these shoes everywhere reveal the girl's feelings. Estimated X-girl in setting this pair of shoes when, it is only when thinking is a lovely girl wearing everyday outing out, but did not want to put the girls into the mountains, after all, enough to bend a shape a. & nbsp; single product info: Brand: NEW BALANCE name: X-girl x NEW BALANCE H710 Pr Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping ice: 13,650 yen purchase link: CALIF & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;despite the ever-changing fashion circles, but simple with the sex of the slide element in which as if never outdated. After all, for clothing, comfort and easy ride is constant constant standard. At the moment this spring and summer transfer season, there is no any Binet take a T-shirt, jacket a sweater easier appropriate dress. So for to skateboard brand in addition to the known as "the industry a brother" supreme and rushed to fame of "rising star" palace, from the streets of San Francisco brand THRASHER is not ignored the backbone. play skateboard friends should know that THRASHER actually is the famous American skateboarding magazine thrasher magazine's street brand, was hailed as the world's most manic skateboarding game "king of the road" is by thrasher magazine sponsored. Therefore, THRASHER in style naturally followed the usual rough street magazine. In addition to the introduction of their T - shirts, sweaters and other clothing items outside, THRASHER is also often associated with other like supreme, HUF, challenger, etc. These Street brand of joint cooperation. "Magazine Thrasher" X SupremeTHRASHER last year and supreme cooperation can be said is Qiangqiang jointly, the joint series of single items including T-shirts, hoodies and jackets, pants and. Also surprising is the cooperative pattern design of the protagonist is not "big brother" supreme, the thrasher logo font logo than the supreme box logo also suction eye. X ChallengerTHRASHER and Japanese street brand Challenger cooperation are also derived from their love of punk and skate culture, street sense full pattern design is concise and straightforward revealed strong American street culture. X HUFTHRASHERand HUF have had a number of cooperation, the two have the same skate culture heritage of the brand to create a single product nature is particularly consistent with the board Tsai taste, street full of flavor. Just don't dress, cooperation of two single product category rich, including footwear, luggage bags, fisherman hat, nunchaku these accessories. is a supreme have their most classic box logo, THRASHER single product design mostly by its signature letter logo composition, which in the past two years, the most popular, the most absorbing eye to number have been numerous fashion Daren upper flame font 〉