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Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Ming and Wei Bo Liu Xiang is a commercial conspiracy?! Famous reporter broke the news article forwarded after four confirmation, confirm the rumors are false messages. [Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] Beijing the evening of March 11, in the men's 60 meters indoor world championships in Turkey hurdles final, Liu Xiang, Chinese trapeze regret to 7 seconds 49 won the silver medal, the US players Merritt 7 seconds 44 win. This morning, Xinhua News Agency reporter Yang Ming-known forwards in the personal micro-blog site a certain industry the latest rebellion article, t cheap jordans online he article said that the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Liu Xiang out of the race is a sports brand planning commercial plot, Yang Ming in doubt, "I do not know true or false, "but also lamented that" shocking! " Liu Xiang out of the race 08 Olympic Games are strange to say this has not been broken more than three years, but few people have a special system to explain where insider. This broke the news article published in the morning 08:33, the Xinhua News Agency reporters Yang Ming and Que Ren, the author of the article is a former sports brand executives. This person at the beginning of the article said: Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping "As China marketing headquarters XX insider, I decided to expose some may never have a dirty little secret!" The article said Liu Xiang, from July 2006 after 88 to 12 seconds broke the world record of commercial activity is very high, seriously affected the normal life and his training. This person said that, in early 2008 struggling to cope with a variety of business activities, Liu Xiang can not systematic training, Liu Xiang their economic man team hope to have final closure preparing for three months to restore the state can compete for the gold medal. But the reality is that while the strong rise in Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping Roberts Liu Xiang, the state delay is difficult to recover, Liu Xiang, and later in the year when the end of May to participate in the New York race "accidental" injuries. Liu Xiang's agent before the Olympics team, he has no choice but to announce a major sponsor brand, Liu Xiang, the state fell far short of the requirements to compete for medals. The brand senior emergency video conference via transoceanic economic team met with Liu Xiang, Liu Xiang, the commercial value in the context of the forthcoming greatly diminished the brand Liu Xiang endorsement fees paid to lower the requirements, was reject cheap jordans for sale ed Liu Xiang team, during a few weeks probably have neither willing to compromise, the article said the main reason for Liu Xiang, the team refused to self-worth is:. "Because they have a lot of media including government contacts, Liu Xiang will be included in income have a lot of General Administration of Sport" final throws of the brand executives shaking a mutually acceptable solution: Injuries reason to retire. The reason is: one can keep Liu Xiang's face, two of the brand as a sponsor will not be much loss. Players Ruoyin injury reasons unpredictable withdraw from the competition, it will greatly r Retro jordans for sale educe the failure medal in the minds of consumers do not produce identity, even if the subsequent recovery in the medal status, we can have more publicity points. So August 18, 2008, Beijing Olympic Games 110 meters hurdles preliminaries Liu Xiang staged in the Bird's Nest "limping" retire because of injury amazing scene. If this statement is true, then the injured Liu Xiang, the past few years, as well as healing wounds are a huge scam. And this broke the news article, the indoor world championships in ????? suffered new defeat dished background, which seems to mean more worth pondering. 08 Olympic Game Cheap air jordans for sale s Liu Xiang out of the race may be fraudulent injury claims a long time, but the interpretation of which insider rumors in such detail, this is the first pile. But the last thing, after all, can not recover, Liu Xiang is currently preparing for the London Olympics is in full swing, a number of commercial activities to minimize more systematic training, if not London gold, as long as Liu Xiang can try to strive for the best results like. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)for promotion, Shanghai two company big hit " Adidas "banner. "All Adidas" trademark of cheap foamposites the German Adidas Salomon Co. on the grounds of unfair competition to the two companies to court. The day before, the Shanghai Huangpu court mediation of the dispute. Adidas Salomon Ltd. (referred to as Adidas company) in manufacturing various types of sports , sports shoes famous, it owns the trademark "Adidas" is the world well-known trademark. In 1997, the company registered the "Adidas" brand in china. Shanghai ADA Sports Goods Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as wandanu company) in the investment process, the extensive use of "United States Adidas wandanu International Holding cheap jordans for sale mens s Ltd., authorized the promotional text, also claimed that" this is a series of "Adidas's investment in the negotiations, including the words" United States Adidas together for our company, words and logo have to take off, but otherwise no sales". The company's franchise Shanghai wandanu Oubufa Clothing Co. Ltd., in the places of sale also extensive use of the same word propaganda. Adidas company believes that two companies of "free rider" purpose is very clear, the purpose is to let There is no doubt that the Max Air design before the revolutionary VaporMax Air will be replaced, and today the n Retro jordans for sale etwork is also the first exposure of a new VaporMax Trainer training shoes. 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In the voices of doubt many people in two days before officially released this masterpiece, it is obvious that this paragraph from the classic Stan Smith draw design inspiration, white Primeknit shoes with green dotted with heel, finally presented by diamond texture decoration outsole. item: BA7828 release date: May pharrell-adidas-tennis-hu-white-green-release-date.jpg (122.09 KB, download number: 14) download Pharrell x adidas Originals Tennis Hu officially released 2017-5-1 08:22 upload pharrell-adidas-tennis-hu-white-green-release-date-1.jpg (100.55 KB, download number: 14) download Pharrell x adidas Originals Tennis Hu officially released 2017-5-1 08:22 upload pharrell-adidas-tennis-hu-white-green-release-date-2.jpg (106.28 KB, download number: 12) download Pharrell x adidas Originals Tennis Hu officially released 2017-5-1 08:22 upload pharrell-adidas-tennis-hu-white-green-release-date-3.jpg (103.87 KB, download number: 12) download Pharrell x adidas Originals Tennis Hu officially released 2017-5-1 08:22 upload pharrell-adidas-tennis-hu-white-green-release-date-4.jpg (114.96 KB, download number: 12) 0 China's garment enterprises have more than 60% trade dependence; after experiencing a series of institutional difficulties such as the European and American restrictions, it has reached a difficult time. Taking the road of international brand is considered to be a good solution to export difficulties, but after the author's investigation, it is found that SMEs are unable to develop international brands. Then, how should China's international brand of small and medium-sized enterprises go? tough ; brand suspected; ; in theory, it is feasible to take the road of brand. From the ultimate goal of enterprise development, the brand is one of them. This year, the Ministry of Commerce has vigorously promoted the establishment of Chinese brands, and more hope that Chinese brands will go to the world. But in the course of our visit, we hear more clearly